Turn Away is a short Persona 4 doujinshi, based on a fill of the same name I wrote for the Bad Bad Bathhouse community on LJ.
...It's no longer pretty much the same as the original fill. :D; The second half takes some liberties, but you get the idea.


Souji is killed in battle and has to be left behind, since dragging a dead body through a department store smack in the middle of a multiple-murder investigation is probably not the best of ideas. While the rest of the team waits for the fog to bring his body back, a mourning Yosuke has to decide whether he can - or wants to - take Souji's place. Established Souji/Yosuke relationship, for maximum angst.


The last two pages will spoil you for the killer, but it's not necessary to read them for closure since they weren't in the original fill. They'll be marked quite noticably and their thumbnails will be left blank when the time comes to put them here. Otherwise though, the only significant one is probably the Teddie spoiler between the July and August dungeons (which the artbook spoils for you anyway).

Status - COMPLETE! [June 29th 2009]

It's done! Thank you guys so much for following this little project, and I hope you enjoyed it!

Update [August 1, 2011]

Currently working on another P4 doujin project, if you're interested in such things! I... I assume you might be if you're reading this.

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Writing Links

Turn Away - The original fill, written for this prompt
Reach Out - An amazing and epic true-ending sequel to Turn Away, written by chisotahn on LiveJournal. Read this, I am serious.
Healing - A sidestory for Reach Out; Yukiko struggles with healer's guilt for failing to save Souji. Read this too, just sayin'.
Bad Bad Bathhouse - The Persona 4 Kink Meme. Not all of the content is NSFW, but a good chunk of it is, so be warned. You might want to check out Steamy Springs (lists all filled requests) and Marukyu Revue (daily updates of new content) if this strikes your fancy.


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 and its characters belong to Atlus. I'm just making their characters gay(er) for each other for my own amusement.

Thank you for reading!

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